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Cassy Ann Petrich

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I'm an aspiring writer just looking to learn all I can from the world around us. Looking to communicate with individuals that believe in more than what has been force fed to us growing up in this land we call America.

I am not a content individual. I believe we could, as the human species, be living more in harmony with our planet.
I also believe that Respect, that once treasured component of a healthy society, could and should make a comeback. ;)
One last thing I continually bitch about (lol) is the apparent lack of common sense in the populace. People are as lazy as they have ever been. They no longer think for themselves...they pay or simply rely on others to tell them things..with out any form of CRITICAL THINKING.
I value critical analysis of ANY information - no matter how reliable it may seem.

If you are passionate about ANYTHING i would love to converse with you.